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01 June 2007 @ 10:50 am

I'm a college student!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just signed up for Drawing 1 and Design 1 at the community college, and I start on monday!  I'm insanely excited!

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01 January 2007 @ 10:00 pm
Happy new year everybody!!!! Last night I stayed up till twelve, but not much later than that. I was at catherine's house, and catherine's parents are like really particular about catherine getting her sleep.  so pretty much we got ready for bed before twelve, cheered and wished each other a happy new year at twelve, then were asleep before twelve fifteen.  It was quite a speedy new years eve! lol!
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08 December 2006 @ 07:10 pm
dude...I'm bored.  LJ is boring. Everyone should get a Myspace!
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29 October 2006 @ 04:13 pm

Bonjour tout le monde!  Est-ce que je vous ai manque? eh! 
    Who's all happy that the CARDINALS won the WORLD SERIES!!!????  I AM!!!!!!...well...sort of... I hardly watched any of the games.  However, I do know they won!  Everyone around here is all excited; it's pretty funny. 
    What are y'all doing for Halloween!? As for myself I think me and lucy will be doing something together. We want to go trick-or-treating, but we're a tad bit too old.  If I were shorter I could probably just wear a mask and nobody would know, but I'm not.  We probably will just pass out candy and maybe watch a scary movie. I wish I knew of some good scary movies.



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03 October 2006 @ 02:00 pm
Wow! I haven't updated this thing in over a month!  I've been really busy , but it's not like I didn't have ANY time to type a few things in this here journal.  I guess I didn't really feel like it. 

Here's a kind of random list of stuff that has happened lately.
Sara's b-day was on the twenty-second. she mostly just got a bunch of clothes, the new Hayley Westenra cd, and a bunch of anime books.  
That evening was the back-to-school-bash at church.  It was a total waste of 5 dollars.  
The next day was saturday and Dad made both Sara and me go to this really stupid AWANA conference.  It was really boring and the church it was at had the air conditioner up too high, so I pretty much froze to death.  
After I got home I went to the Outrageous Saturday Sale at One Way book store, and they  gave me two free sample cd's and I didn't buy a thing!!!
The next week Sara had her party,  so the day before I had to clean my room .  Not only did I do that, but I also rearranged all my furniture. By the way, If you're ever really depressed I definitely recommended rearranging the furniture in your room.  I makes you feel like you have a whole new room and somehow it kind of makes you happy...well, at least that's the way it is for me.  
The day Sara had her party, but before she had her party,  I got to be in the Oktoberfest parade!!! Catherine yodeled, I held her microphone, then we both threw candy at people. It was really fun.  
When I got home everybody else was at Barnes and Noble's meeting Brian Jaquese and getting their copy of the new Castaways of the Flying dutchmen book signed. I would have liked to go, but it's not like I cried or anything when I found out I couldn't.  
From what I've heard Sara had a pretty good party, but I'm not really sure cause' I pretty much stayed in my room reading the whole time. 
Yesterday I found out that Hawk Nelson is going to be at Winter Jam again this year!!!! I'm so excited! This time I might actually meet them. Last year I was too busy screaming my head off that I totally didn't hear when they announced that they would be in the hall signing autographs. I still haven't forgiven my self for that.
Well, other than that,  nothing really interesting happened.  I think I'll go take a shower before ice skating starts. Ciao!

01 September 2006 @ 03:21 pm

Hi guys! Today is not only the first day of September, but also the first day of Brio's 30-day challenge!  Brio, in case you didn't know is a christian magazine for teen girls, and anyways, every year (i think) they have this challenge that's supposed to help you get your mind, soul, and body in shape. This year I've decided to be adventurous and take the challenge!  Well, I guess I mostly decided because my friends are doing it, but I'm also doing it because I've never done anything like this before and it seems pretty neat.  In the challenge, not only are you required to get 30 minutes of serious exercise at leased three days a week, but you are also required to read a book of proverbs every day, memorize Romans 12, read an autobiography or biography of  another christian, spend a week with no tv, and tell someone in your family you love them three times every week.  And that's really only a few of the must do's.  This is going to be pretty hard!  If by any chance anybody who is reading this wants to know more about it, just go to briomag.com and click on the Brio's 30-day challenge icon, they give all the instructions there.  Au revoir!

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28 August 2006 @ 09:29 pm
So danielle's b-day sleepover was on Saturday. I'm bored so I'll tell you everything we did. First off we went mini golfing. Not sure who won, but it was still pretty fun. Then we went to this really cute little coffee shop and had these huge slices of cake. Mmmmhmm! They were dElicious! After that we drove back to danielle's house and watched Just my Luck. Dang! that movie was sooooo funny! we laughed so hard we thought we would burst! After the movie ended catherine had to leave. :( So danielle, her mom, and I played the music version of Scene It. It was really fun, but I only knew like a few of the answers; Danielle's mom new everything! Before we went to bed Me and Danielle made some popcorn and watched Win a Date With Tad Hamilton. That movie is really good, but not as funny as Just my Luck. I think I fell a sleep as soon as the movie ended; that was about 2:30 am. In the morning we ate cinnamon rolls and watched the kissing scene on Honey, I shrunk the Kids. Then we went to church and helped out in the nursery. So, yeah, I guess had a pretty fun time. Well, Bye now!
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19 August 2006 @ 11:47 am
So, last night I went to the LOTR lock-in, but I didn't stay all night. I only stayed till like 12:00ish cuz that was how long Catherine and Danielle stayed, and Mom didn't really want me staying all night cuz then I would be all cranky the next day. So...yeah, I had fun anyways...well, sort of. All we really did was watch The Fellowship of the Ring. Catherine made me and danielle watch it with her, cuz she's never seen any of the LOTR movies; she wanted to at leased see the first one. So, we watch it with her, and she screamed allot cuz she's gets scared really easily, and me and Danielle laughed at her. I would have much rather played a game with everyone else who didn't want to watch the movie, but Catherine's my friend so I watched it with her. Aren't I nice? So we left after the first movie ended; I think we were the only ones who actually watched it all the way through. I wonder if anyone watched the other two movies. I wish we didn't have to leave so early, there were these really hot guys there who don't normally come to our church. I hope they come to youth group next tuesday. Well, I have to go eat lunch. Ciao!

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14 August 2006 @ 01:13 pm
Hey evrabody! Remember my friend who won the yodeling competition? Well, last Tuesday she went to Hollywood and preformed on the Megan Mullally Show!!! She said it was really fun, she got to ride all over LA in a limo, stayed in a super nice hotel, and got her own hair and make-up people. I'm so jealous!. Only, she probably won't actually be on tv, she said some thing about how it was only for test audiences. However, she did meet a bunch of famous people! She met Megan Mullally (of course), some guy from some tv show, some girl from Reba, and Kristen Chenoweth; the actress who was in Annie, the Music Man, and Wicked. I think she also met some other people, but I forget who.

Well, the only other interesting thing that has happened is that our cousins from my mom's side of the family came over from wisconsin, so this weekend we've been running all over St. Louis acting like tourists. I guess it was kind of fun.

I know friday will be fun! That's when the Sr.high at our church have the Lord of the rings lock-in, and I'm pretty sure I'm going.

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02 August 2006 @ 09:15 am
Earlier this morning I hopped on my bike hoping to find some good garage sales. I didn't find any. Not a one. I went all the way up Spencer road, then all the way down Willot road, and then all the way back up Willot road. I was pretty upset, cuz I have this like really long list of stuff I want to get from garage sales before the end of the summer. Mostly An electric guitar, ice skates, and a really big stereo. I'll have to try again on saturday.

Well, mom promised to bring me to Best Buy later today; there are these two cds I really need to buy. Right now i'm just killing time.
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